Vision Therapy Program

Vision Therapy Program.

Vision therapy can include the use of lenses, prisms, filters and computer-assisted visual activities. Other devices, such as balance boards, metronomes and non-computerized visual instruments also can play an important role in a customized vision therapy program.

It is important to note that vision therapy is not defined by a simple list of tools and techniques. Successful outcomes are achieved through a therapeutic process that depends on the active engagement of the prescribing doctor, the vision therapist, the patient and (in the case of children) the child’s parents.

The first step for any vision therapy program is a complete vision assessment to accurately diagnose a visual problem and determine whether vision therapy would be the appropriate treatment. Sometimes, further testing is recommended depending on the findings. A consultation to discuss the results and recommendations is then done with the parents. Progress evaluations are done every 12 sessions and then discussed with the parents to determine if further treatment is recommended.

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