Vancouver’s First Optometry Clinic to Measure Eye Axial Length

This January, our clinic welcomed the New Year with a brand new “toy” — MYAH from Topcon, making us at Eyelab one of the first optometry clinic in Vancouver to measure and chart eye axial length. You may be wondering…what is so great about axial length measurements? Why do we care about how long the…

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Interested in Laser Eye Surgery?

Are you interested in laser eye surgery but not sure if you are a suitable candidate or have doubts about the risks and side effects? Here is a general guideline about laser eye surgery to help you with your decision. Am I A Good Candidate? Are you over the age of 18?Is your prescription stable?Is…

Visual Processing and Learning

Did you know that up to 80% of a child’s learning comes from vision? If your child can read the board from the back of the room, that’s great, but it does not translate to seeing what’s written on the board and processing it properly. As a child grows up, their brain and eyes work…

7 Tips for Visual Hygiene and Habits

Most parents always inquire tips on how to help their children with their screen time. Here are a couple of recommendations we always share with our patients. Spend 2 hours a day outdoors…


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