10+ Fun Things to reduce your child’s screen time.

During COVID 19, there has been an overall increase in screen time whether or not it is for online learning or recreationally. As health officials have been advising families and individuals to stay indoors, a majority of us have resorted to using our cell phones, computers, television as a main source of entertainment. For growing children, this has contributed to an overarching issue of children spending too much time on screens and not giving their eyes enough break. With limited activities and what seems like countless hours, most parents have trouble planning activities for their children. Therefore, we have derived a list of activities that may prevent your child from spending an extensive amount of time looking at screens.

For Children:

  1. Play-Doh
    It can be a little bit messy but my twin girls can spend hours creating objects with their imagination.
  2. Indoor Camping
    With the weather starting to get wet, imagine transforming your living room into a tent city.
  3. Have an early Easter egg hunt inside the house.
  4. Obstacle relay course
    Your child will have to navigate through chairs, balancing an egg on a spoon and etc. You can make it easy or as difficult as you want.
  5. Hide and Seek
    Children love it when they think they can fool their parents.
  6. Arts and Craft
    On top of helping/training your child’s hand eye coordination especially with cutting with scissors and gluing, this exercise will open many channels in the brain for their imagination/creativity.
  7. Family board games
    There are many board games that can challenge our creativity, intelligence, and strategy-thinking which can both stimulate learning while strengthening family bonds.

For Older children/Teenagers:

  1. Sign up with a prep meal so you and your teenager can cook together. Sometimes it’s fun to cook something together as a family.
  2. Baking
    Now it’s a good time to start bake delicious goodies like cinnamon buns, banana bread, and artisan sourdough bread.
  3. Look through old albums or memorabilia
    Learning about your family’s history is a fun way to reconnect to your family roots.
  4. Winter Gardening
    Your teenagers can grow indoor crops like herbs, greens, microgreens and even cherry tomatoes.
  5. Adopt a pet
    Not all parents would love this idea, but allowing your child to grow up alongside a pet will teach companionship as well as the responsibility it takes to raise one.

If you have other ideas, please share with us. I’m sure our followers would love to know.

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